The SFC Greeneration Supports TGEG Vision

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For its 16th Anniversary, Singles for Christ (a catholic community) – Pampanga Chapter marked its program and celebration to have fun and enjoy at Pampanga Agricultural College at Magalang last October 24, 2010 while everyone were gathered to praise, worship, proclaim, and glorify the Lord God our Father, his son Jesus Christ and with the guidance and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.  The selected theme for the said event was taken from the book of Jeremiah Chapter 17 verse 8; “They will be like trees growing beside a stream . . . trees with roots that reach down to the water, and with leaves that are always green.  They bear fruit every year and are never worried by a lack of rain.”

Highlights from the day’s pastoral conference were activities using talents in dancing and choreography in the dance interpretative competition, those who are musically-inclined participated in the eco-jingle contest and those who have the guts, good looks, poise and mental power and understanding were candidates for the Mr. and Ms. 16th Eco SFC 2010 who flaunted their fantastic and ingeniously created costumes from recycled trash.

In the dance category, four groups used recycled materials in their costumes ingeniously and creatively such as sacks, cds, silver part of foiled drinks, bottle caps, straws, silver part of cigarette packs, old newspapers and magazines, a section of broom for head dress adornment,  etc.  Who would have imagined that particular kinds of litter can be transformed into wonderful outfits?

During the dance presentation, everyone were awed and got tongue-tied with the pride of central, south and east sectors of Pampanga SFC.  As the host of the annual occasion, the north sector performed as well with their opening production and intermission numbers from the SFC North leaders, youth of Gawad Kalinga Teens and Sagip Kids.

Attendees were reminded of God’s original plan for man and that is everyone is called to live the GREEN LIFE which is completely free and is for everybody.

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Just like what is put emphasis on in the verse in Jeremiah, all of us can live in an abundant and verdantly green environment once more if everyone can go back to the time in Genesis when God created us and every living thing to be the caretakers of His majestic creation then the future generation can savor and experience a true green planet.  The supportive members of Singles for Christ are just but a small community who can commit to rebuilding a GREEN LIFE.

But Ronald Flynn of TGEG and SBSC has said yes to a green life and can do more than individual habitual changes in proper waste management and segregation at home, school or work.  He has discovered about the biosphere technology which requires a biosphere machine to eliminate, recycle and process municipal solid wastes in landfill sites from various towns and municipalities.  Though it is not easy to change and start living a green life, this breakthrough will convert waste to electricity with the Material Recycling Facility.  The massive garbage accumulated from these landfill sites would one day generate electricity for thousands of homes.  Hence, it will establish a green energy company called True Bio Electric and True Green Planet will emerge to provide valuable resources for different industries producing jobs in return.

As a TGEG advocate I had witnessed the whole day affair and was surprised to find out that more people are now becoming aware of their role in saving the planet whatever their religion may be similar to Ron Flynn’s vision who has seen his purpose which is to save the planet and fight pollution with biosphere technology.  He is a man with a fearless mission of helping our mother earth restore its natural beauty and splendor by taking TGEG’s vision of a waste-free philosophy to heart.

SFC Greeneration wants us to “Save Mother Nature and Live a Green Life.”  TGEG reiterates the role given to us upon creation, “we are the caretakers of our green planet and we all are her earth warriors, for our earth is our home.”

TGEG Supports Tree 500 Movement

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Last October 23, 2010 TGEG has shown its support to TREE 500 MOVEMENT with the presence of Ms.  Chariza Lazaro, TGEG Corporate President and Ms. Maria Luna Albofera, Corporate President Assistant by attending the Tree Planting project organized and led by Ex-linkevents whose purpose is to plant a minimum of 500 native seeds every quarter of the year at the Marikina Watershed.

The noble cause intends to plant 500 trees from native seeds in Marikina Water Shed quarterly and started last August 28, 2010.  Exciting and as interesting planting new trees are for these lovely damsels, this ground-breaking mission of this advocacy project is tied up with Haribon Philippines.

Spending time now to build and invest on restoring the forest in Marikina Water Shed would help to prevent a possible “Ondoy” calamity.  Tree 500 Movement has likely made it interesting to stir and motivate, to connect and encourage people to take charge and be responsible to mother earth bringing about a secure green planet for the next generation who can delight in a fun, healthy and conceivable.

Water shortage, drought, floods, water and air pollution, and high energy costs are just but some of the deplorable consequences of global warming which humankind has brought upon themselves as there is close interrelation between changes where progress has thrived and personal intent.

On the other hand, we help begin to reduce these problems when we take part in green causes like TREE 500 MOVEMENT.  TGEG’s Corporate President was proud to have represented the company in the important event and have met new and insightful people who have the same TGEG mission; to heal and save the environment but only through biosphere technology.

Slow Down in Life, Stop and Smell the Flowers with TGEG Biosphere

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Stop and smell the flowers does not exactly mean stopping in your tracks when you’re on foot while taking a walk in the park, hiking to your favorite spot on a cool nostalgic morning in fall, picking up a blooming flower on a fresh and cheery spring afternoon, and stumbling upon a stray flower in an old pavement and spontaneously wanting to lift up that wandering beauty.
It’s an expression of a reminder that we have to slow down in life.  Nowadays, we get caught up in our own lives lived in hurriedness specially for young professionals who are trying to prove something in the world and people who are starting their family lives and those who are focused in their careers.  Normally, in the course of life it is only when we get older that we get to slow down and Ronald Flynn; TGEG CEO was one of them.  Even so, it was not too late.
Ron Flynn has learned to slow down in life when he first visited the Philippines and then finally decided to stay and live here.  It made his heart crushed to see young street children to get trash from enormous dumpsites and make a living from it.
Learn to know why he thinks his heart is in the right place.  View the video below and see how grateful he has been in coming across about a wonderful opportunity in reducing waste and changing the rising amount of garbage at landfill sites through the innovation of TGEG biosphere gasification technology while at the same time cleaning up the environment and saving the planet earth.  The best thing about it all is that he chose to share this green technology in the Philippines.

A Congressman Visits Ronald Flynn

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During a hot sunny day, Congressman Carlo V. Lopez visited Ronald Shane Flynn who is  the pioneer and CEO of True Green Energy Group at his TGEG Corporate Office last September 28, 2010 at Berthaphil II, Clarkfield Freeport Zone, Pampanga.  Mr. Flynn was absolutely happy to be visited by Cong. Lopez and announce to the world through Philippine media, see what the company does, how employees work and share his vision of a zero-waste Philippines that evokes an environment-friendly culture and an economically stable country.

The first Biosphere MK-V or Material Recycling Facility that is being built in San Fernando, Pampanga was happily made known by Ron Flynn himself.  This is the first biosphere machine installation of the 1500 deployment of these revolutionary breakthroughs in transforming landfill or dump site wastes into green cleaner electricity as its main valuable product.

After the meeting and presentation from Engineering Consultant Esteban Callo, Jr. together with the producers, staff and engineers of the biosphere mk-v gasification project, Gen. Grajeda of the Police and Cong. Lopez were amazed that this dream can happen and vowed to be advocates of TGEG’s great cause in becoming the first and biggest international green energy industry in the Philippines.

TGEG Biosphere Machine Launch

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True Green Energy Group together with Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation launches its very first biosphere machine at San Fernando, Pampanga on September 18, 2010.  This is a breakthrough in transforming landfill sites that will generate renewable energy.

Through the biosphere gasification process, this project provides a way for the local government units to eradicate the problem of garbage in the Philippines in partnership with private corporations such as True Green Planet, Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation and True Bio Electric that visualizes a zero waste society locally and internationally.

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