Why Visit Palawan

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Isla Pandan at Puerto Princesa

Be amazed to know what makes Philippines one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  Learn how we are favored and bestowed with a magnificent place that would make you realize why it is important to recycle and do our part in environmental conservation.

Definitely, it’s not the time of the year to don colorful and skin baring sun dresses for women in airy and strappy sandals and in fab and funky flip flops nor dare men to parade in trunks, shorts, or summer outfits but living in a tropical country such as our beloved Philippines every day would seem like summer as long as it’s not the monsoon season.

The long narrow island of the Palawan province is surrounded by spotted or smaller estimated 1780 islands of The Calamianes Group of Islands, Busuanga Island, Culion Island, and Coron Island.  Durangan Island lies at the Westernmost part of Palawan Island and on the southernmost part is the Balabac Island where the Balabac Strait is which separates it from Borneo.  Covers the Cuyo Islands,

Virgin Forests abound as evident during just an hour or less flight upon landing at Puerto Princesa Airport.  Don’t expect an aerial view of the city would be filled with buildings and map-like layout but anticipate a magnificent stretch of vast verdant green main island of Palawan.  Truly, Puerto Princesa is a city in a forest.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

  1. It is the home of what will become one of the 7 new wonders of nature in the world.  Yes, it’s not yet final but let’s all claim that the St. Paul Subterranean Underground River of Puerto Princesa will be part of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in the world.  Imagine before this magnificent place gets included on the list of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, which you have already seen, been there and have experienced the sights, sounds and adventures at Palawan.
  2. White sandy beaches are all matched with rich marine life and coral reefs are best for those who love the sea and marine animals.  It’s no wonder that white sandy beaches sprawl surroundingly the city of Puerto Princesa and the Palawan province itself as being part of the Philippine archipelago, you have already visited and experienced what the world awaits to see.
  3. Have a taste and savor exotic crocodile dishes, hopia, tamilok (long slimy gray worms that similarly tastes like oyster which is good food when drinking liquor or alcohol), and (since the emcees recommended) chao long, a beef stew in rice noodles that was a little spicy but got overpowered by its sugary sweetness.  With fresh minty leaves and bean sprouts, it was a bit refreshing to eat.
  4. A great place for nature lovers and adventurers.  With its rich, diverse and fascinating grandeur of flora and fauna, one can never get tired of touring forests, island hopping and basking in all the far-reaching landscape of sea and islands.
  5. An arresting brilliant model of a city forest.  Awestruck with the fact to find out that we still have here in the country unmarred extensive forests in the world.  It is a mistaken conception that we can only find unperturbed forests in the diverse continent of South America like in the countries of Brazil, Venezuela and Puerto Rico was erased in our limited beliefs to discover that we are a truly blessed country to have the cleanest and greenest first class city forest of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.


Unofficial now but soon the Puerto Princesa Underground River will be recognized and established as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.  Actively join and participate in claiming the Philippine’s newest pride by showing your support through voting via text sms, or by phone if you have a skype  account for free and for a more detailed info of voting by phone voting go to wwwdotnew7wondersdotcom/vote-by-phone and do these online.  Encourage your friends, family and relatives to demonstrate their support by voting online.

Finally, help build and keep your community, municipality and most of all the Philippines, a waste-free country that would work on its sustainability through the waste management policy and city forest example of Palawan even with its flourishing eco-tourism it has conserved the abundance of its natural resources.


Photos taken by Gerick Yañez


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The world as we know it is slowly becoming a place that is dark and polluted. Garbage has expanded its toxic materials and ruined the natural ecosystem of our planet. Pollution now stands on alarming levels and is making the effects of global warming even worse than before, one can only wonder on what could be the best resolution to apply. The government agencies are trying to find alternative solutions in the growing waste crisis for natural resources that started to diminish with each passing year and beyond all mentioned, weather patterns are becoming worse. One of the best ways to slowly reduce the number of garbage in our surroundings is to convert them into RDF.

RDF is the actual changing of unwanted trash into refused derived pellets. Refuse derived fuel pellets are the fuel that powers up the biosphere machine in a material recycling facility or MRF. A material recycling facility is a standard when it comes to helping reduce the toxic materials that are covering our lands but if the biosphere facility is placed upon it then a refused derived pellet that was from garbage can be converted into green renewable energy.
If all the garbage is converted into RDF pellets then the world can be a much cleaner place to live in.

The effects of pollution and global warming can be reduced and there can be a much healthier future for all of us. The world can be saved and we only need to make the first step in helping the world recover from all the toxins that are being injected to it. If we can help restore the world into its former glory then we will have a brighter green future to share with our children and the future generations as well.

One of the things that we consider in solving the waste problems that we have is through re-using it or making waste into something useful. Since waste came from being a useful thing, the waste management sector of the country and government are doing ways in getting back waste to being a useful.

Recycling is one way of waste management that makes use of waste again into something good and useful. Plastic bottles, paper and metals are the waste materials considered in recycling. The waste management facilities are sorting waste materials that can be used for recycling. They will process and recreate garbage into a product that they can sell to the market. Another way is to re-use waste materials again as it is by means of selling these certain products to their originator.

A waste management that is being conducted today and still being improved is re-creating waste materials into energy. The energy produced from processing certain waste can provide electricity to homes and industries. Bio-processing of waste materials are being done not just to eliminate waste but because it is also safe for the environment.

Refused-derived fuel (RDF) is another product from waste materials. The waste materials that are shredded and dehydrated or burned are processed to become refused-derived fuel (RDF). The waste materials are processed in a steam pressure or a converter that turns it to fuel. Plastic and biodegradable waste materials are the main component in making refused-derived fuel (RDF). Sorting the garbage from harmful substances is the first step in the process to avoid explosion during the burning. Refused-derived fuel (RDF) can be used in different ways to produce electricity. It can be mixed up with other kinds of fuel or can be used in power plants in exchange of using coal. It can be also used in cement kiln industry.

Producing products like energy and refused-derived fuel (RDF) from waste is an example on how extensive we can make use of our trash. Even if sometimes we consider trash as just waste and problem in our community. But if we are able to know on how to process and make use of trash into something good and useful, we can re-create waste into something great for the environment. We just need to become aware and cooperate in the campaigns for waste management so we can achieve the success and solution that we need in eliminating the waste problem we are experiencing on earth.

Animal Planet-Savers Part I

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Did you know that animals play a role in life’s web?  Below are some animals that go beyond their call of duty with their planet-saving moves.

1.  Bee – European honey bee; specially the domesticated ones, is responsible for human food supply.  Essentially, they ensure that flowering plants naturally flower though they can sting a bit painfully.  Hardworking and full-time on their pollinating responsibilities, one-third of the human food supply depends on insect pollination which on the greater part are done by the bees.

2.  Dung Beetle – These kind of beetles have a very important role in agriculture for they both bury and consume excrement and manure which enhances the nutrient cycle and soil’s structure, protect livestock by getting rid of a would-be home for flies and other pest disease-carriers.  In a report from American Institute of Biological Sciences, an estimated $380 million dollars is saved yearly, thanks to the dung beetle.  Indeed, it’s a very dirty job but somebody has got to do it.

3.  Imagine among the thousands of varieties of animals, there is a skilled and natural garbage collector, and that is the vulture’s keen eye on roadkill.  Carcasses or remains of dead animals are a perfect environment for bacteria and other dangers, but the vulture has an incredible resistance to botulism which makes the bird tolerate to take away dead animals, helping the environment be clean from waste hazards.

4.  Earthworm – Earthworms dig large burrows underground which lets air and water to pass through the soil.  As these small wigglers ingest or take food along with any plant matter with it, in time, passing it through their body above ground, where it serves as an ideal fertilizer.  

5.  Great White Shark – Despite the usual and often wrong story about great white sharks’ attack on humans, they play a vital role in the ocean’s ecosystems.  They help control animal population, which could eventually bring unfavorable continuing damage to the marine food chain.

Aside from reusing, reducing and recycling wastes it is good to hear that we have companions from nature in battling one of the major problems in the world now, garbage.

10 Most Difficult Stuff to Discard

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We already know how garbage can have an impact on our health, environment and even the climate.  Yes, some trash can really be reduced, reused and recycled but there are some junk and items at your home that you just can’t simply throw away.  Why?  For it is toxic and would cause harm and pollution to the environment.

Here are some household wastes that can cause damage or contaminate the environment when you’re disposing garbage mindlessly.

  1. Batteries.  It is easy to recycle rechargeable batteries.  Thrown out lead-acid batteries is against the law among forty-one (41) states in the U.S.A. said Trey Granger of Earth911.    A lot of retailers such as Home Depot, Staples, Radio Shack and Best Shack acquire them again charge-free.
  2. Electronics.  Each retailer that gets back rechargeable batteries takes cellular mobile phones, like most wireless providers do.  Several stores charge fees based on the item and brand.  You may want to visit Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot if they take these toughest things to get rid of with fees or not.
  3. Paint.  First, make sure this item really gets used.  It may be one of the harder stuff to discard, but it’s achievable.  Though, you were sure you would supposedly use it all for redecoration and renovation purposes but still you had leftover paint.  Try to give it to your friend who moved into another home.  Apply it as a primer.  Give it to charity or a foundation.  When you cannot find the reuse it, research for some ways how it can be recycled.
  4. CFLs.  Fluorescents that comes in bulbs, lamps and tubes has some amount of mercury that can leach out if it gets crushed or broken so it is very important that they get recycled properly.  These light bulbs can be dropped off at Home Depot, Ikea or a nearby local store for free recycling.  But if you really have to dispose it right away then take this suggestion from Environment Protection Agency.  Seal the CFLs in two plastic bags upon disposal.
  5. Medications.  May this serve as a reminder that even expired medicines should not be thrown mindlessly.  Do not flush out meds on the toilet or pour them down the drain for tiny amounts of drug make their way into our streams, rivers and lakes.   The best solution is finding a program that can take back unused meds.  Go ask and see your local government, pharmacy or Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Program if they could accept old prescribed drugs.  But if you are in a hurry and in need to throw them in the trash, take out the personal info before tossing bottles to prevent identity theft.  Crush and compress pills so that no one will be able to use them in the instance they get accidentally into the wrong hands.
  6. Cooking oil.  Grease from bacon and cooking oil can clog up your pipes and eventually back up sewage system.  Some rinse it with hot water while pouring it down the drain actually doesn’t help.  For when the grease cools down, it turns solid and sticks to pipe.  Let small amounts of grease gets absorbed with shredded paper and kitty litter also called as sandbox / sand box / litter tray / litter pan / catbox / cat box before you throw it in the trash.  Another way to dispose and recycle cooking oil and grease is placing them in coffee cans or metal containers and can be thrown once it hardens.
  7. Aerosol cans.  As a precaution, it is not right to send Aerosol (pressurized) cans to a landfill dumpsite whether they are empty or not for it can cause explosion when fire starts.  Cans partially full are harder to discard.  Do not attempt to empty them yourself.  Check out with your local HHW drop-off center which will get rid of those aerosols properly.
  8. Appliances. Old appliances such as refrigerators, dishwasher, or other large appliances when you buy a new appliance item or replace a damaged one.  Small appliances can be dropped off at Best Buy or Goodwill.  Free curbside pick-up is offered by a lot of cities and towns.  So go and inquire in your municipality.
  9. Packing materials.  Materials for packing peanuts and bubble wrap can be brought in local mailing centers.  For example, UPS Store and Mail Boxes, etc.  If you don’t have any use of them anymore and don’t want to add clutter in your home, you can list them for free and give them away at Freecycle and on Craiglist.
  10. Car stuff.  Old filters and used motor oil can be recycled at Wal-Mart, Autozone, JiffyLube while dead car batteries can be returned where you’re purchasing a replacement.  Still, if they can’t recycle it then go to your local HHW center.

Now, that you have general guidelines and resources on how to properly discard and get rid of stuff in your home that can cause clutter and lessen your living space.  It is very timely to look over your household items and just keep important appliances.

Reduce, reuse and recycle your garbage.  For all you know, however gradual and small your contribution in decreasing excess waste and garbage, you are making a difference to the environment and the future world.

Recyclable Wallet, Thin and Light as Paper

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recyclable mighty wallet

Are you looking for a thin wallet that can carry all your stuff like cash, identification and credit cards, plus important receipts?

Here is an answer to your need.  Presenting a very handy wallet that is tear-proof, water-resistant, and recyclable.  Its expandable feature gives you convenience for all your storage needs.  Remember Express Mail Envelopes?  Made from Tyvek materials which are a succession of plastic fibers moreover the wallet’s stitch less style provides strength and reinforces the durability of the  recyclable wallet.  This gives the cool wallet the reinforcement it needs to withstand tearing while its slender unique quality makes it immediately expands and adjusts to your individual storing needs.

You can bring this recyclable wallet to anyplace for it is slim, featherweight, and lightness.   Great for taking it on a night out and making sure you have got a slender silhouette that you will be most comfortable and have gained confidence into, the surface is also writable and is a quick fix if you need to jot down an important number or address.

The inventive origami structured wallet is the original Tyvek wallet design of Terrence Kelleman.  Sooner or later, these so-called “mighty wallets” slowly soften, lack luster and cover or patina, even after years of use, it will still hold and fascinate its owner for its strength.

As they say reduce, reuse and recycle.  These are important and beneficial ways of recycling.  Do your share in recycling some of your belongings.

So, if you like to help and contribute for the environmental protection of our planet while having a very thin recyclable wallet, go get this ecologically-friendly, affordable and incredible product at dynomightydotcom.

Being Green Minded: Is it a Crime?

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The world has gone from the Stone Age to the now industrialized computer age wherein everything seems to be just a touch of the button. Everything is within our grasp and everything can be bought even by just sitting down in the computer. The sad part of all this innovations is that the world is slowly becoming a toxic wasteland due to irresponsible throwing of trash and toxic materials to our lands and water sources.

Not only are these becoming polluted but the carbon monoxide in the air has gone huge densities due to the abundance of air polluting cars and factories. This pollution causes the global warming effects to worsen and eventually make our weather patterns terrible with each passing year. Governments and non government organizations, including multinational business companies have adhered to the green minded cause.

The green minded cause is a movement that informs people of the troubles ahead due to the pollution that is killing our planet. Being a green minded individual means you care for the earth and you would like to give back the nurture and care Mother Earth has given you since you were born.  The earth is slowly dying and it is up to us to restore it back to its former beauty.

The future generation will no longer have something to look forward to if we don’t help save mother earth from all these filthy pollutants. It is now the right time to be green minded and joins the cause for the green change. The green change is already happening. Many innovations are now aiming to help restore our dying planet. We should support these innovations and hope that everybody else will join the green crusade. It’s time to act now for the future depends on what we will do now.

Green Giant Billboard Stands Out at EDSA

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Coca-Cola and World Wide Fund (WWF) collaborated to create a billboard at Manila that advocates environmental protection.  Undisputably, the 60 by 60 foot advertising board constructed out of real plants eventually absorbs carbon dioxide.

Momentum Philippines in partnership with McCann Erickson Philippines and Starcom MediaVest Group built the said billboard among Manila’s busiest avenues.

Can you exactly imagine how this plant could help foster climate protection?  Naturally, the iconic plant billboard had used Fukien tea plants and was planted in improvised pots through employing reused Coca-Cola bottles which were created in a way to hold the plants securely in place.  Anthony Gao, a botanist; explains how each plant soaks up carbon dioxide.  The plants, which are placed in a blend of industrialized byproducts and organic fertilizers, are sprinkled by an energizing drip irrigation system known as trickle irrigation or micro-irrigation.

Guillermo Aponte, President of Coca-Cola Philippines, was proud to tell the media that they have breathed life into the very first plant billboard for the nation.  (Come to think of it they had literally breath life into the said billboard).  The giant green ad is a manifestation of their dedicated ‘Live Positively’ commitment in making an optimistic and encouraging difference to the world by integrating sustainability in everything that Coca-Cola do.  With these means, hopefully Filipinos get inspired to participate and build meaningful lives by contributing positive changes in the environment.

Ronald Shane Flynn, A Green Realist

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“The world is not a dream, but a reality, of which we are the chief part, and in which we must be up and doing something…Come out into the world about you, be it either wide or limited. Sympathize, not in thought only, but in action, with all about you. Make yourself known and felt for something that would be loved and missed, in twenty thousand little ways, if you were to die; then your life will be a happy one, believe me.”  A reflective quote from Charles Dickens worthy to ponder on and apply in our lives.

True enough no matter how gloomy and dark the world may seem from its disheartening condition of injustice, oppression, global economic crisis and other world problems like in wastes, there’s still a gleam of hope.

In such cases, someone will be used as an instrument to bring an idea and initiate action to make a difference.  Or an originator will surface and lead in making things happen.  An illustration of this is no other than Mr. Ronald Shane Flynn who provides the means for the improvement of the world’s escalating waste problem.

Ronald Flynn is not just a man with a dream but has vision and a man of action for he led and formed an environmental group in his companies; True Green Energy Group, Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation, True Bio Electric and True Green Planet.  Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation came first as it acquired the license to sell and promote the biosphere mk-v or biosphere machines together with True Green Energy Group served as the pioneering company in promoting green technology.  On the other hand, True Bio Electric will be the pioneering energy utility company in the Philippines that will produce cost-effective green electricity.  Then, True Green Planet will provide the waste management and recycling services for the every country’s sustainability needs.

Giving meaning and contribution to others is a life lived in purpose and passion.  Helping the world become greener once again is a life lived meaningfully doing what you love to do and giving back for the future of our planet and the next generation without expecting any return from the good you do.

A leader does not only have initiative, he must have a dream, a big dream that boldly dares mediocrity.  But is highly attainable and can be truly realized once a seed of dream was made or thought of it becomes and germinates as an idea.

He is a green realist in his own terms as he presented the garbage problem of the Philippines as well as the world’s dilemma on waste as they really are.  Then, he represented a breakthrough technology that could all very well put an end to the seemingly endless crisis garbage can cause if left unmanaged.

A great idea remains just an idea if it never comes to life and materializes.  When an idea is this big, most importantly comes from the heart and mind, and it is for the benefit of everyone it will surely succeed.  Ronald Shane Flynn must be almost halfway at realizing his dream to make the Philippines a waste-free society and conquering the international world.

Urge for Environmental Protection

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environmental awareness

I care for the Planet - How About You?

There are many things that damage the natural ecological balance of the world today. Due to high levels of pollution, the world is slowly becoming a world of ruins; there are floods that are destroying the livelihood, inaccessible food sources and the loss of natural habitat for our wildlife. Industrialization was supposed to improve our ways of living but what is happening is that the improvements are ruining our world, polluting our lands, waters sources and air.

Many government officials urge their countrymen to uphold environmental protection to protect their natural resources. Going green is the very best solution for this predicament. By going green the world may become healthy once again and restore its natural glory. This is to uphold that someday the next generations will be able to enjoy a world that is green and healthy without suffering the effects of global warming.

Environmental protection should start from us.  Without creating our own simple way of protecting the environment, there is no way to start the hope of having a better life for us or even the future generation. Companies should start by lessening toxic emissions and governments should uphold resolutions that will target green alternative solutions that will help the restoration of land and water sources back to their healthy and natural way.

There are even new innovations that confer a possibility of renewing trash unto green energy. Imagine a world without using oil as a source of energy. Not only is trash going to be lessened from our lands but it becomes a green renewable resource of energy. For a country that is seriously in front of the escalating waste dilemma, with green alternative solutions – the world will soon become a much better place for mankind today.

Who wouldn’t want a better planet? We used to have it, we just need to restore and save it. If you care for the planet, show it.

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